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WinAntiVirus Pro 2005

این هم یک برنامه ضد ویروس خیلی قوی که ضد ویروس و پاپ آپ بلوکر و فایروال هم تو خودش داره و به گفته سازندگانش همین یک برنامه میتونه امنیت سیستم شما رو تامین کنه و نگرانی از نظر ویروس ها و کرمها و ... نخواهید داشت.

حجم : 7.9 مگابایت

WinAntiVirus PRO 2005 is the whole package that provides you with complete protection. This software will act as the spy ware blocker, powerful antivirus, firewall and a popup blocker. This software will ensure that your computer is safe without you using many software programs. Use this software for complete security of your system against viruses, worms and Trojan horse programs. You can prevent viruses from corrupting your important information and consuming hard disk and memory space. Also, this application automatically repairs all virus-infected files on your system. It even safeguards your system from hacker and network intrusions. Also, all incoming and outgoing traffic can be monitored, using this software. You can even choose to allow/deny network connections to or from your system. Also, this software protects your system from pop-ups that frequently appear on your monitor hindering your browsing activity. This software is also very easy to use; almost everyone can use it with great ease.


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